Eyeshield 21 theme

Eyeshield 21 theme

Synopsis: Sena Kobayakawa, the hero of the story, is a fragile and fearful young man. By dint of playing with the minions for others, it has acquired phenomenal racing speed. Upon his arrival in high school, he is observed by Yoichi Hiruma, the demonic marshal of his high school soccer team, Deimon Devil Bats. If at first Sena agrees to join as a simple administrator, he will quickly become Eyeshield 21, the mysterious team runner. Incognito behind his tinted visor, is by its speed the secret weapon of the Devil’s Bats. The story also focuses on the evolution of the team, the expansion of its workforce and the unreal dream of the club’s veterans, Kurita, to participate in the Christmas Bowl

Theme of Eyeshield 21 for android

Theme of Eyeshield 21 with wallpaper and icons

This is a theme of the Eyeshield 21 anime for Android, with many wallpapers, with the icon pack, with screen saver, is a theme that works for Android, whether for Samsung, Galaxy, Sony devices. These topics are useful for any device, but remember that you must have the Go launcher EX application installed. Read on for more information. This file comes in APK format, while waiting for a new season of your favorite manga or anime, put this customization on your android. Diffify it. [showmyads]

Download theme Eyeshield 21 theme for android APK

Eyeshield 21 theme android Icon Pack

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