Android themes

Android themes

Are you looking to customize your android and do not know how? You can be in the right place, here you can give your android a different style.

Do you like anime? Well here you will find an endless number of themes for your android device. do you like Dragon ball? or one piece, naruto or any other anime, because here you will have many anime themes, and you can download it with a single click. Quickly and safely.

These themes bring wallpapers of your favorite anime, there can be 20 wallpapers where you can change whenever you want and change the look of your cell phone whenever you want. remember it does not matter if your phone is samsung, sony, galaxy, xiaomi or any other brand this theme works for all cell phones. style material.

What do you need to install these themes?

To install these themes you need a cell phone mobile, samsung, sony, xiaomi or any other android phone, and have installed this launcher: Go launcher EX

Android themes anime

Here you will find the best anime themes for android, with many HD wallpapers, beautiful icons and kawaii.

More anime themes: HERE

Free themes for android

Here you can find thousands of phone themes for your android, and the best, you do not have to be root to install it on your device, themes of all colors, dark, nougat, white or a simple landscape. the best wallpapers in HD. You have endless opportunities to give your android a different style.

What is an android theme?

Theme app android. We continue with our messages to help you customize your terminals so that it is more useful to use them. This time it’s time to talk about customizing Android thanks to the themes. An Android theme can be easily summarized in a set of icons, wallpaper, widgets and screensavers, in addition to the elements that come standard and in the simplest way to change the appearance of the icons.

How is a theme used?

Android one themes. As soon as a launcher is moderately popular, it should already incorporate its own theme selector that detects the ones we have installed, in addition to the one that comes standard with the program itself. Some of the lauchers that accept themes are Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher and Go Launcher EX, to say the most famous.

The themes are installed as if it were one more application of our terminal, without needing to be ROOT or change the ROM, it is very easy to install one. Once the theme is installed, two things can happen: that it automatically adapts to the launcher without having to touch anything else or that we have to select it ourselves. For it the simplest thing is to go to the settings of the launcher and to enter in the selection of subjects and there we choose the subject that we want to use, being available the themes that we have installed.

The themes are very varied, but if there are some that should be highlighted are the issues that give your android the appearance of a smartphone from another company, such as those inspired by Motorblur and Sense, Motorola interfaces, HTC and Samsung respectively. Other themes are those based on Faenza, which offer stylized icons, large, colorful and distinguishable, which are not only beautiful but are better differentiated from each other. it is no longer necessary to use android studio to be able to customize your android or create a theme.

Themes android gamer

More themes gamer: HERE

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Spyro the Dragon Icon pack for android / theme personalization

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Digimon Icon pack for android / theme personalization

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Castlevania Icon pack for android / theme personalization

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Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Icon pack for android / theme personalization

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Looney Tunes Icon pack for android / theme personalization

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Monster Hunter Icon pack for android / theme personalization

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Driver Icon pack for android / theme personalization

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Avengers: Infinity War Icon pack for android / theme personalization

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